AW23 open days


Welcome to our Nightingale AW23 Welldays. For this edition of the Open Days we offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a mindful setting. Starting the day with pilates, yoga and breathwork, followed by a fresh’n up session and make-up tips with all natural products. Try one of the healthy dishes, enjoy a wholesome kombucha or discover alcohol-free botanical beverages. Our showroom bathes in an atmosphere of tranquillity, and thanks to the neutral styling, we made the brands pop even more.

Since 2013, Nightingale helps building future-proof brands through innovative concepts and inspiring campaigns. As a progressive marketing & communication agency, we like to push ourselves and our clients to look beyond the norm and challenge convention. This way we generate better and relevant exposure. The exceptional eye for aesthetics from our team of professionals and their persistent quest for innovation are at the core of Nightingale’s identity.

Two times a year, Nightingale welcomes you to its Open Days where we give you a deeper look into the trends and novelties of the upcoming season. For the AW23 Welldays we bring you the latest trends and novelties in a conscious context of calming colour trends, ergonomic design, clothing that celebrates self-confidence, holistic yoga, wellness and a general atmosphere of wellbeing. Take your time to scroll through this microsite and get to know the Nightingale clients, joining them on this journey to a more wholesome way of living. If you need any additional info, do get in touch via:
+32 3 303 44 88
+31 20 210 39 93


It all began in 1994, where VILA became part of the family-owned Danish fashion house, BESTSELLER. VILA quickly grew and found its look, feel and core: designing accessible fashion for young women with a personal style.

VILA has always kept true to its mission of creating feminine fashion with focus on quality, design and details. The brand unites femininity and the seasons latest trends in sensual collections that last.

For next season VILA alternates different tints of white with cool animal, flower and geometric prints. Other colours you will see popping up this fall and winter are bright green, orange, blue and purple. The Y2K trend is still going strong with various denim sets in the collection.

Dress up in flowy shirts with frivolous details or embrace yourself with warm cosy knits. Finish your outfit with one of VILA’s gorgeous teddy coats.


ROUGE VILA is VILA's premium women's collection, offering high-quality garments for every season. ROUGE VILA collections are designed to last several seasons. The timeless women's clothing has a powerful, feminine chic appearance and consists of beautiful dresses and knitted sweaters and cardigans, as well as elegant trousers and suits. The ideal brand for women who want to create sustainable wardrobes full of timeless pieces.

In the FW23 collection of ROUGE VILA, we find lots of black, camel and light beige, enriched by some luxurious plum, tranquil lavender and ocean bleu. The different garments are designed to create an elegant and nostalgic feel with an attitude of coolness.

The brand chose for soft and high-quality fabrics like cotton, Napa lamb leather, Supra, Tencel, Merino wool, alpaca and sheep wool. Essential pieces for your wardrobe are a long coat and a beautiful co-ord set.


Since 1987, VERO MODA has been the number one brand for young women looking for new trends, accessible styles and fashionable must-haves.

Every season, the BESTSELLER brand invests in comprehensive trend research from the world’s leading trend forecasting agencies, trade fair and global catwalks.

In the autumn/winter collection 2023 of VERO MODA we see both, lots of printed and plain pieces. Next to several browns, the brand also implemented orange, purple and beige tints.

With VERO MODA, you are ready to face the cold winter months thanks to plenty of cosy winter jackets and coats. Wrap yourself in warm and soft materials like fur or wool. No more excuses to stay inside.


Y.A.S believes that dressing up shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions. Their contemporary, sophisticated, and beautifully crafted designs celebrate free-spirited women who love fashion and freedom of expression. With great focus on craftsmanship, their clothing perfectly combines the quality of the material with comfort and finish.

Prints are an important part of the brand, and their designers take great pride in making them. Many of their prints are carefully picked from international print houses or hand-drawn and developed by their in-house design team to match current trends and the contemporary fashion scene.

For the AW23 collection, they make no exception. Once again, Y.A.S brings to you a very bright collection, introducing a lot of cool prints. The brand chose to work with intense colours like green, pink and purple. Go for powerful matching pants and blazer or mix it up to create your own unique look.


You already have a ring and a date, but now the dress hunt begins. Finding the perfect wedding dress can be difficult and exciting. Y.A.S BRIDAL offers a whole collection of beautiful and affordable wedding dresses. From elegant princess dresses and vintage all-over lace dresses to mermaid shapes, Y.A.S BRIDAL has it all.

Because not only the bride wants to shine at a wedding, Y.A.S also has a show collection for every party or occasion. Turn every head in the room with a long flowy dress in earthy autumn tones like pink, dark orange or purple and go for an open back or a high slit for that extra ‘wow’-effect.

Whether you like elegant girly dresses or sporty and cool dresses, Y.A.S SHOW has you covered. Choose between soft materials like a satin colourful dress in blue or purple or a powerful red or orange dress in strong materials with puff sleeves. Glitter and sequins, in the end, are always right when you want to go for a festive look.


OBJECT was established in 2003 as part of BESTSELLER, a 100% family-owned fashion company. Today OBJECT is sold in over 600 multi-brand stores all over Europe and some of its own shops in Norway and Finland.

OBJECT is a brand that provides a narrative for cool, conscious and creative fashion individuals to dress on-trend and in sync with their personalities. They believe that fashion is more than fast-moving trends. It’s a certain sense of style and storytelling influenced by current tendencies.

The Autumn 23 collection called ‘Northern Lights’ is an approach to an Autumn wardrobe, where opposites meet and contrast. Where comfort and occasion blend in a beautiful confluence of textures and layers. Mix basic colours like brown, dark green, beige and camel with surprising materials such as chocolate brown leather, satin, sequins and glitters. Some notable pieces of the collection are the sleeveless grey suit, pants with cool blocked prints and sky blue buttons.


In 2021, the king of denim, JACK & JONES, got a little sister. The international brand JJXX wants to redefine what a girls’ fashion brand can look like by focussing on denim, essentials and high fashion must-haves. They encourage young girls to be themselves by making them feel free, independent, powerful, capable and cool in everyday life. JJXX celebrates all denim lovers who value quality essentials with a good fit.

This fall, the JJXX collection contains lots of earth tones like army green, light beige/ecru and a little bit of camel, mixed with neon yellow, ocean blue or dark purple. Pimp your outfit with a trendy checked scarf or one of the bright coloured beanies.

Blazers in different shades of ecru or beige can this season be combined with both pants, long and short skirts. More of a dress type? Go for a long fitting dress in ecru, dark green or black.

Stay on trend with JJXX’s wide variety of parachute pants or pants and blazers in faux leather. Make sure you added some bright knits or bolero knits to your wardrobe for when it gets really cold.


JACK & JONES AW23 collection focusses on the use of responsibly sourced wool within all categories of their clothing. A staple product for every man’s wardrobe this season is the overshirt. The silhouette is a perfect layering piece for autumn making it a trans-seasonal style that is a key part of the Premium Collection. The look is classic yet contemporary and works well paired with smart black pants or iconic five pocket jeans.

The ultimate fitting for pants right now is the parachute. It’s JACK & JONES’ roomiest fitting to date, made in a crispy cotton quality that drapes really nicely. They’ve added a garment dye for a rich, washed-out look and string pullers at leg opening, so it can be worn open or cuffed.

When choosing a JACK & JONES jacket, the perennial favourite is still one of the most important styles for AW23. With the oversized cropped fitting and an over dye achieves the trendy look spot on. Although the puffer style has been around for quite some time, it’s a relatively blank canvas and therefore never feels outdated.


SELECTED FEMME signifies timeless elegance rooted in a casual way of life. It’s all about balance, simplicity and personal expression. Staying authentic in a blend of classic styles and individual fashion pieces, the brand will never compromise on quality or attention to detail.

The brand’s philosophy ‘Responsibly Crafted’ is determined to rethink the way we produce and consume fashion. From reducing the environmental impact of the company to supporting human rights and animal welfare. This is reflected in their selection of materials and their way of designing with attention for longevity and circularity. “We believe that together, we can make a difference”.

The autumn 23 collection of SELECTED FEMME celebrates the timeless virtue of simplicity. A refined wardrobe of classic garments with a cool twist designed for modern living. Gorgeous fabrics and mesmerizing jewel-tone colours immediately get your attention. Simplicity meets elegance in this new collection of beautiful everyday wear designed to bridge the autumn and winter wardrobe.

For all the memorable occasions of the season, the brand also created a new SELECTED MOMENTS line of stunning celebration wear elevated by high-quality, recycled fabrics.


SELECTED HOMME expresses the quality of fine tailoring and everyday clothing. It’s all about individuality with attention to detail and outstanding craftsmanship whilst staying true to simplicity. Made for workdays, weekends and everything in between. The modern man goes for an authentic and contemporary style by mixing his classic wardrobe staples with fresh seasonal additions. Effortless lifestyle choices made for natural living.

The brand’s philosophy ‘Responsibly Crafted’ is determined to rethink the way we produce and consume fashion. From reducing the environmental impact of the company to supporting human rights and animal welfare. This is reflected in their selection of materials and their way of designing with attention for longevity and circularity. “We believe that together, we can make a difference.”

When everything else is stripped away, what remains is the soul of the garments. A refined quality that speaks for itself. A Nordic sense of simplicity designed for a long life. That’s what the autumn collection of SELECTED HOMME wants to be.

Inspired by the busy schedules of modern life, the new collection is designed to keep you well-dressed for anything, anywhere you go. From slow morning commutes to vibrant moments of celebration. Casual and formal styling finds common ground in refined looks adaptable to any purpose. The result is, as always, understated elegance.


DRYKORN is an international fashion label with a never-ending lust for design, development and innovation. They create fashion for spiritual, mental and personal beauty. An inner beauty that is expressed in a passion or a hobby that always comes to the fore when a person can dress and give themselves in such a way that they feel good in their own skin. Their slogan “For beautiful people’ incorporates the individuality, personality, diversity and creativity of every single person.

2DY4 – as in “to die for” – is DRYKORN‘s new capsule in the luxury segment. 2DY4 is designed to be a creative lab. This is where the brand experiments and develops, unaffected by price pressures and delivery schedules. The result are single statement pieces, to die for, that will be integrated in the general DRYKORN women and men collection. 2DY4 is shifting perspectives on luxury. It brings limited high-quality items with an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

The FW23-collection for men is not afraid to make a statement with clothing. Whether you want to go for an oversized look, an eye-catching pink suit or a retro spencer, DRYKORN has you covered. This end of the year collection plays with different prints and trendy garments like corduroy and leather. And of course, the classy navy couldn’t be left out.

DRYKORN Women is fully on trend this fall and winter with wide leg jeans, leather pants, loafers with or without heels and a retro colour block jacket, for bold types among us combined with an oversized suit. Basic colours black, grey and camel set the tone for this collection.


Worldwide leading online retailer SHEIN daily reaches a diverse range of consumers in over 150 countries. For FW23 SHEIN has spotted various trends. For example, go full Ballet Core and Preppy Elite with cropped sweaters, corsets and girly details like ruffles and bows. Think Gossip Girl anno 2023 and wear two piece cropped blazer and mini skirt sets.

The fashion retailer also loves the Y2K trend and brings it into their FW23 collection. Low-rise definitely is the talk of the town. Bratz dolls meet modern aesthetics and bell bottoms are everywhere. Denim will be found in all arrange of hues. Patchwork, skirts, dresses, blazers… everything is possible.

Another style you will certainly find on SHEIN this season is Feminine Grunge: grunge and punk reimagined in a very feminine and sexy way. Think of lace, black, cut-outs, fishnet… Almost the opposite is the dramatic Victorian style with puff sleeves, ruffles lace, painting prints made into a cute fashionable look.

The colour palette of this season goes from red/orange/berry/blush to sky blue, lavender and purple. Black is back and minimalistic ton sur ton outfits in neutral colours and grey are very elegant and timeless. Want to spice things up? Go for animal prints, quilted fabrics or a lingerie look. Finally, digital prints, metallic and shiny materials, sequins, silver, pearls and chainmail create a whole meta shine look.


Now, more so than ever, women are dressing for the appreciation of other women, not for the male gaze. The FW23 catwalks focused heavily on power, femininity and “Bigger is better”. Dutch fashion brand JOSH V focusses this season on three complementing trends.

“Free Spirit Attitude” embodies the modernized 70s style, with warm brown colours, flared legs and layered textures. “The Forever Classic” refers to JOSH V’s playful suiting and reinvention of timeless shapes. And lastly “Retro-to-wear” embraces an eclectic mix of eras that, creating surprising colour combinations in each collection drop.

Dopamine dressing is the macro trend of the moment, which is largely lead by bold and vibrant colours. Embracing this, designer Josh Veldhuizen and her team have combined timeless colours with pops of trend colours like mint and sherbet to create a surprising and exciting blend.

The diverse FW23-collection features a wide range of fabric, transparent organza and boucle to emphasize the Josh V signature style. With many beautiful items for the cooler months, this collection will inspire everyone to step outside, get into the mood of the moment and feel powerful in their own skin.


Laundry Lab is the Antwerp based clothing brand from the same called fashion agency. By using natural and breathable fibres, they want to create a comfortable yet luxurious feel when wearing their garments. Laundry Lab works with small European ateliers and their fabrics & yarns come from EU countries only to ensure high quality standards and a more conscious approach to their production line. Laundry Lab’s collections are not bound by seasonal trends and their cuts are timeless in order to achieve their main goal: longevity.

The fall/winter 23 collection named ‘So far so good’ is an ode to the past whilst embracing the present. This collection brings us back to the basics of our wardrobe, containing classic navy blues, timeless off-white staples, a touch of minty green and a sparkle of fuchsia tones to brighten up every outfit.


This season, her. and her friends are heading into the wilderness. Surrounded by nothing but green, we calm down but also find new energy. This inspired her. for its FW23-collection where earth shades and organic textures play the lead.

Evergreens like a female suit, the mid-length skirt and shirt dress are supplemented by leather pants and long cardigans. The colour green, from soft sage to moss green and intense grass green, takes us along a refreshing walk in the woods. Together with earth shades and warm grey, this colour palette embodies the power of the essential. Her. added some refined animal prints and a warm orchid pink to make sure you can express your own identity in the middle of this often dark season.

Wear fashionable knitwear inspired by textures we find in nature to a lunch with friends or a relaxing weekend. The flowing, silky blouses and skirts, on the other hand, are reminiscent of the clear water of a running stream and invite you to prepare for a festive evening. All items can be worn both casual and dressed up, depending on how you combine them. Mix a silky soft skirt with an oversized sweater for the look of this season.


Slow beauty and a conscious lifestyle, that’s what Clothilde represents. Their products inspire you to slow down, which benefits not only the world, but also your skin and personal well-being. In two stores, one in Aalst and a recently opened second one in the heart of Gent, they only sell slow beauty and ethic cosmetic brands. All products are made out of natural ingredients and with a fair and durable production process.

With new brands like Cîme, Henné, Nolença, NCLA and the new make-up line by RainPharma, Clothilde focusses more on the luxury segment. They allow you to live an eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle without giving in on luxurious textures, delicious fragrances and a naturally glowing skin. Founders Chloé Matthieu en Dries De Kimpe: “We see that me-time moments become more and more important to a lot of people. With our products you can really slow down and take the time to treat your body and mind.”


This year, Antwerp based bag brand Hedgren celebrates its 30th anniversary with the launch of a symbol signature. The new signature symbolizes and states a new era in Hedgren’s history: one that puts the Hedgren values like connectivity, infinite freedom of movement, ratio and emotion and an eco-friendly approach even more into practice on a product level.

With the intention of creating a whole community and experience, Hedgren also brought its very own perfume to the market and comes this fall with the new collection Commute BIKE. Nothing should stop your freedom of moving when using your bike, whether it’s rain, dark & dusking skies or heavier weights to carry. Hedgren has a solution for all your daily, urban challenges and solves them for you- in style.

“We live in a rainbow of chaos”, Paul Cezanne once said. For the autumn winter 2023 collections of Hedgren, it feels as if colour is pulling in several directions at once: from the chaotic, to the ultra-calm, to somewhere in the middle. The key colour this season is Strong Blue and will be found in different collections.


Belgian pioneer in (homologized) electrical motorcycles, TREVOR, based its headquarters this year in Antwerp South. At this trendy biker hub you can discover the different models and options, book a test drive or meet the Trevor community at one of the many events.

As the first Trevor DTRe Stella bikes are starting to appear in the street, the brand’s fanbase is increasingly growing. Based on the Flat Track motorcycles from the U.S. and fully handmade in Belgium with the best parts, their exclusive bikes are durable in both, design and usage.

With Trevor’s electrical motors you cruise silently through the city without any form of pollution. As there is no need to switch gears and thanks to the big wheels and strategic positioning of the electrical power source, Trevor DTRe Stella motorcycle is suitable for pro-riders even so as newbies, men and women.

Invest in your own daily fun moment with this handsome bike. Transform your trip to work into a mindful journey and always arrive with a smile on your face.


For most people, their garden is a green oasis where they can get away from everyday life and come to relax. An ideal place for some quality time with yourself, family or friends. But how do you create this little paradise in your backyard? Where do you start? What are the most common mistakes? And what does the garden of the future, resistant to the increasingly changing climate, look like? You can find the answers to all these questions and many more useful tips about gardening on the website

‘Het Tuinaannemereffect’ (the garden contractor effect) is a project of VLAM (Flemish Centre for Agro and Fisheries Marketing). It promotes the services of a professional garden contractor. They know how to deal with numerous challenges that come with a garden. The garden contractor is an expert in plant choices, irrigation and hardening and so the perfect person to provide advice.
Food & beverage


Ricola, the well-known refreshing candy, surprises this year with a tasty new duo: Raspberry Mint. This new sweet combines the famous 13 herbs from the Swiss Alpes with the fruity softness of raspberry and the aromatic freshness of lemon. The result is a sensational taste experience.

The family story of Ricola has its origin in 1930 with pastry baker Emil Richterich’s passion for plants. He wanted to create a typical Swiss candy. Today the company, led by Thomas Meier, has developed about 60 different kinds of candy and a herbal tea. The secret recipe of every product is based on the same 13 original herbs grown and harvested in Switzerland. A strict selection process and respect for ecological growing methods, are part of Ricola’s DNA.

The candy with advantages for voice, throat or simply ensuring a fresh breath is being sold in over more than 45 countries and enjoyed by many celebrities. In Belgium you can find 13 flavours including Raspberry Mint since March this year.
Food & beverage


Bôtan Distillery started in 2018. What followed was an intense period of development, resulting in the world's first Botanical Spirits of home-grown herbs and flowers without artificial ingredients and without preservatives. Meanwhile, Bôtan has a wide range of gastronomic non-alcoholic drinks for every occasion.

With their Botanical Spirits you are able to create mindful and clean cocktails with a deep aroma palette. For those who want their drinks ready to serve, Bôtan created Botanical Cocktails too. Some of them are inspired by classics like Pisco Sour and Mezcal Paloma, but they also developed unique creations to put their signature on the map.

Newest member of the Bôtan family is Ginzu, an alternative for alcoholic spritzer like an Aperol Spritz. No chemical ingredients, no alcohol and a more refreshing taste. The ideal drink for the first sunshine!

For Bôtan Distillery's Botanical Wynes, fermented grapes are replaced by distilled herbs, which are then assembled with a selection of fruit varieties. They have nothing to do with the industrial process of de-alcoholisation and are not made to resemble traditional wine or imitate a specific grape, but to experience layered flavours and to use as a food pairing.
Food & beverage


JARR is all about changing perceptions. They love getting people to reassess their ideas of what a soft drink can be using ancient traditions adapted for the modern world. Instead of creating a predictable drink that would immediately appeal to everyone’s tastes and expectation, they decided to start brewing kombucha; one that was unapologetically punchy, healthy and damn delicious. Enjoy it in place of artificially produced, sugary soft drinks, mix it with your favourite spirit, or use it as an alternative to beer, cider or wine when you don’t feel like drinking.

Brewing kombucha should always be done with passion, love, care and attention to detail. Therefore, JARR brews and bottles its kombucha in their own state-of-the-art brewery in Oudenaarde to ensure that it is crafted to the highest standards of quality and consistency.

JARR Kombucha naturally contains antioxidants, beneficial acids and is low in calories. After fermentation our kombucha goes through a bespoke metho
Interior & design


Belgian lifestyle and interior brand Mublo launches ‘the Benedicte' this year: an extraordinary modular sofa. They first presented it at Maison&Objet in Paris, where it was well received by the audience.

Sofa Benedicte is characterized by its soft and round shapes, looking like loose pillows casually resting against each other. The topstitched seams on the edges of the volumes give the sofa a clean and minimalistic look. Thanks to the modular design, you can make endless combinations with the two back and seat elements. The high-quality fabric upholstery in a fashionable sand colour ensures that the Benedicte blends beautifully with any interior. In addition to being an eye-catcher, the Benedicte is your ultimate partner-in-crime for exceptional relaxation.

Other unique designs by Mublo are the Antoon ceramic side table and the traditional Heliot floor lamp. In their showroom in Ghent you can also admire collaborations with other European parties, such as independent furniture makers and small-scale manufacturers. This way, the brand hopes to counterbalance the import of mass production.
Interior & design


When it’s cold, cloudy and dark outside, we like to retreat within our four walls and make ourselves comfortable. In your safe haven, where it is cosy, atmospheric and warm, you truly come back to yourself. Due to the increasingly busy society, people are yearning for the safety and security of a familiar living environment. Disappearing into your cocoon can be very healing. Renaulac wants to help you create this pleasant environment for yourself by handing you the right colours.

This winter, Renaulac’s ‘cocooning’ paint brings comfort and balance into your home. Their colour experts created a palette of warm, friendly and soft colours suitable for every space in your house. Central in this palette is the colour Aromatic #373: a calm taupe shade. Combine it with other warm and light shades from the ‘Cocooning & balancing’ colour palette and create a calm and balanced environment where you can really disappear into your cocoon to gain new strength.


It’s rooftop season at YUST, the innovative hospitality concept which combines short and long stays with events, gastronomy and culture. This spring, YUST opens its impressive rooftop not only in Antwerp, but for the first time also in Luik. They’ve created a leisurely program with monthly yoga sessions, a unique open-air cinema and cosy after work parties. In need of an extraordinary setting for your exclusive event? The rooftops in Antwerp and Luik are also available for private rent.

Visitors of YUST rooftops can culinary enjoy the famous YUST-burger or the new refined rooftop menu. As usual, YUST surprises with trendy sharing food from all around the world, made with love for local products, and seasonal specialties.

The rooftop in Luik officially opened on the 20th of April, accompanied by the deep house and tech house beats of DJ Kaudron. The Antwerp rooftop follows with an opening weekend from the 11th till the 14th of May. Together with ‘Middle Eats’, the popular Middle Eastern restaurant, they’ll definitely take good care of their guests. The weekend ends with a floral art workshop and brunch for the occasion of Mother’s Day.


In need of some real me-time? Book your next holiday with MSC Cruises! This Swiss company offers its guests an enriching, immersive and safe cruise experience inspired by the company's European heritage. On board, guests can enjoy international cuisine, world-class entertainment, award-winning family programs and the latest user-friendly technology.

MSC Cruises is the third largest cruise brand in the world and a leader in Europe, South America, the Middle East and Southern Africa with a larger market share and more deployed capacity than any other player. It is also the fastest growing global cruise brand with a modern fleet of 21 ships that is expected to grow to 23 cruise ships by 2025.

MSC Cruises has a long-standing commitment to the environment and has a long-term goal of achieving zero emissions for its operations by 2050. The company is also a major investor in advanced environmentally friendly marine technologies, with the aim of supporting their accelerated development and availability across the industry.


The Balance Club is your go-to wellness platform to energize your body and ease your mind through low impact Pilates inspired flows. Choose a brief workout for days where you are short in time, take your time in a long flow or combine different classes in one day… it’s all up to you!

With their unique workout membership, twin sisters Katleen and Liesbet empower you to cultivate the most purposeful and powerful workout routines, so you can go through your day-to-day feeling radiant, aligned and confident. You will strengthen your physical body and clear your mind.

In our busy world, with work, kids, household, social relations, hobbies etc…there are always pulls and pushes in one direction or the other. With The Balance Club, Katleen and Liesbet aspire to be that small moment of balance in your day, where you find both peace and energy by getting out of your head and into your body. A moment of letting go off stress and tension while embracing spark and harmony. The abs come as a bonus!

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